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Wednesday, December 18, 2019

OpenKore Console Command

Character control

move, follow, east, west, north, south, northeast, northwest, southeast, southwest - movement
look, lookp, bangbang, bingbing, doridori - body/head turn
a, kill, as - attack a certain monster / player (PvP) / stop attacking current target
ss, sp, sm, sl - use skill on yourself / player / monster / location
tank - tank for a certain player
sit, stand - sit / stand
e - emotions
tele - teleport to a random location using Fly Wing / Teleport
respawn - return to your save point after death, or using Buttefly Wing / Teleport
testshop, openshop, al, closeshop - test / open / show / close your vending shop
arrowcraft - make arrows using Archer's Arrow Crafting skill
relog - force disconnect from the server and connect again
charselect - gracefully quit to the character selection screen
s, st - show your status / stats
skills - your skills
stat_add - level up your stats
where - show current map and location
whoami - show current account and character


is, ip, im - use item on yourself / player / monster
i, il - show inventory / items on ground [i u,nu,neq,eq]
take / drop - take / drop an item
eq, uneq - equip / unequip items
autobuy, autosell, autostorage - initiate corresponding AI sequence
buy, sell - buy / sell items via NPCs
store - list of NPC items to buy
card - merge cards with slotted items
deal, dl - deal commands
cart - cart commands [ add,get ]
au - auction commands
ihist, cil - show / clear item log history
identify - identify items after using Magnifier or Item Appraisal
memo / warp - save / open Warp Portal
repair - repair an item using Weapon Repair
refine - refine an item using Upgrade Weapon
storage - storage [add,get ]
vender - show and buy from other player's vends
weight - your weight capacity


c, pm, g, p - talk in public / private / guild / party chat
pml - show quick PM list
chist, cl - show / clear chat log history
chat - chatroom commands
ignore - server-side ignore (/ex, /exall)


ai - toggle, view and control AI
auth - authorize/unathorize chat command users
conf, timeout - show and set config.txt / timeouts.txt options
plugin - plugins
reload, rc - reload controls and tables / OpenKore modules
switchconf - switch to a certain alternative config.txt
verbose - toggle verbose mode

Reports and debug

aiv - show AI sequences
damage - taken damage report
debug - debug options
dump, dumpnow - save received packets buffer and quit / don't quit
exp - expirience, kills, inventory report
version - show OpenKore version
eval - evaluate perl expression (use only if you know what you are doing)
send - send a raw data to the server (use only if you know what you are doing)


friend - friend list
guild - guild
party - party
showeq - show a certain player's equipment


pecopeco - Peco Peco
falcon - Falcon
homun - Homunculus
merc - Mercenary
help - console commands help
cook - cooking
m, ms, mo, mi, mw, ma, md, mr - mail
pl, ml, nl, portals, spells, vl sll, petl - show list of players / monsters / NPCs / portals / AoE effects / vending shops / homunculi&mercenaries / pets
quest - quests
talk, talknpc - talk with NPCs
top10 - show Alchemist's, Blacksmith's, TaeKwon's and PvP ratings

Character skill

Priest warp portal - sl 27 (koordinat x) (koordinat y) then warp 0|1|2|3|4


Sell item in Buyer Vending - bl then buyer (list number/nickname) then buyer add (item number) (amount) - bl then buyer (list number/nickname) then buyer (list) (item number) (amount)

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